How to Book

The Sagittarius Apartments are rented privately which means a package where your flight is arranged for you is not possible.

The best way to organize your holiday is to firstly contact the owners of the apartments to make a provisional booking, then to secure your desired flight and finally, after your flight has been confirmed as a secure booking, to confirm your apartment.

Flights to Kos can be booked through a variety of ways including internet sites eg.

Your local travel agent can also help to find a flight. Bear in mind that you only need to be sure to arrive at Kos Island airport so it’s possible to book a very inexpensive package to either Kalymnos or Nissyros islands which have to use Kos airport as they have no airport.

Kos Island
Tigaki Beach
Bookings can be made in any of the following ways:-

0030 22420 69096/68113


Mrs D Hatzizacharia
Sagittarius Restaurant & Apartments
PO Box 6544
Tigaki, Kos 85300