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Only 10 minutes walk to the best beach on Kos Island Studio, 1 bedroom & 2 bedroom apartments
Five minutes from the Sagittarius Apartments there is a good selection of bars , restaurants , small discos and tourist shops. Cash machines and exchange bureaux can be found nearby.


  About Kos

Kos is the third largest of the Dodecanese group of islands, Rhodes being the largest followed by Karpathos.  The word Dodecanese comes from two Greek words dodeka (twelve) nisia (islands) and means exactly that although this group includes some other very small islands taking the number to more than twelve.

The capital of the island is also called Kos and can be located near the northern most point.  It isn’t a large town but boasts an array of quality boutiques, gift shops, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and tavernas as well as all major banks, two post offices and the main telephone exchange (O.T.E.).  One can also purchase fresh fruit and vegetables from the ancient agora in the centre of town.  For those who wake up early, it can be fascinating to sit at the harbour front watching the fishing boats coming in with their fresh catches of the day.

Kos Island


Apart from the commercial side of the town, there are also several archaeological sites to visit.  In the centre of town near the agora (market) is the local museum which houses ancient statues and some very impressive and important mosaics for which Kos is quite famous.  On the outskirts of the town centre one can visit the Odeon (amphitheatre) which dates back to the 3rd century AD. 

Close to the harbour is the Castle of the Knights of St. John which was built in the 15th century and houses many ancient artifacts.

The famous Plane Tree of Hippocrates, said to be the oldest tree in Europe, can be found near the entrance to the castle.  The circumference of the tree is approximately 12 metres and is so named because historical tradition states that Hippocrates (the father of medicine) taught his medical students under the shade of this actual tree.

In the same area of Kos Town is the Ancient Town which displays many ruins dating back to the Hellenistic and Roman eras.

Probably the most important site to visit on the archaeological trail is the ruins of the Asklepion named after the Greek god Asklepios.  It is situated about 5 km southeast of Kos Town centre and was discovered in 1902 by the German archaeologist, Herzog.  The Asklepion of Kos is one of the three most important in Greece out of a total of 300 and has its importance mostly due to the fact that it was used as a medical institution by Hippocrates.  To this day, newly qualified doctors must swear on the Oath of Hippocrates before continuing into the medical service.


Kos is an island which can offer the ideal holiday to almost every taste.

For those who want a totally relaxing break, lazing on the beach, Tingaki is the ideal resort.  The beach of Tingaki has fine sand which gently shelves into the sea remaining shallow for some distance.  This makes it ideal for families with young children.  Sunbeds and parasols are plentiful and reasonably priced. 

For those looking for water sports, Tingaki offers a range of activities including water skiing, wind surfing, banana boats and ringos. 

Further away from Tingaki, approximately 5 km outside of Kos Town in Psalidi is the Fun Water Park with water slides and several pools with various activities.  In Mastichari, further down the coast from Tingaki, is a new Fun Water Park one of the largest in the Aegean.

Staying on land, for those with a love of horses, horseriding is available in Tingaki near to the Alikes salt lake.  Also, 2 km from Tingaki centre on the road to Marmari is the Go Cart race track.

Kos is well known as a cyclists haven as most of the area is flat.  Bicycle hire is freely available and reasonably priced.

For those less energetic, there are several car hire shops in Tingaki and throughout the island in each town and village.  The island is only approximately 42 km from Kos to Kefalos and car hire is a good way of exploring the island.  One can visit the furthermost village of Kefalos and eat freshly caught fish in one of the local tavernas, or take the mountain road up to Zia to see the fantastic view, eat a traditional Greek meze lunch and browse around the quaint gift shops.  There is the main town of Kos for visiting the archaeological sites, watching all the local fishing and excursion boats at the harbour, or taking a look at the great selection of shops in town including the Old Town area, or maybe visiting Thermae, the furthermost point after Psalidi, where there are thermal springs which have healing properties.

For those who don’t drive, there are of course plenty of professionally organised tours available from any local travel agencies.

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